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Yellow Fuzzy Molds

Our event this Tuesday with the Dutton Lab is sold out, but here is some background coverage of the Dutton Lab and insight into what they do: For Gastronomists, a Go-To Microbiologist, New York Times Cultural Revolution, Edible Boston

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Veggie Puzzle

Here’s a picture of what we’ve been calling the “Veggie Puzzle”. For fun, we compiled ten of the more unusual vegetables that arrive in a typical Massachusetts farm share and designed a competition: name all ten and win a Farmers’ … Continue reading

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We’re in the Gazette!

Last week, Greek food guru and cookbook author Diane Kochilas joined Harvard University Dining Services and the Food Literacy Project for a half week of Mediterranean diet discussions, regional Greek cooking talks, and eggplant roasting. Read about her discussion with … Continue reading

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Siting Julia

(Image of Julia Child seated outdoors on wall at La Pitchoune with Simca Beck, Charles Child, Paul’s twin, Jean Fischbacher and others, taken by Paul Child) The Schlesinger Library’s exhibit Siting Julia, running in conjunction with their symposium on Julia, is installed and … Continue reading

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Unpacking local tomatoes

Half a million plants grow inside Backyard Farms’ 42 acres of greenhouse. Photo credit: Stacey Cramp, New York Times At HUDS, the policy is to buy locally whenever possible. Our purchasing department spends significant time identifying new local partners and sustaining … Continue reading

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