Culinary Opportunities

If you’re looking to spend the summer in a kitchen, start knocking on doors. Make sure not to knock or call during service time; for many places, visiting between 3:00 and 4:30 is the safest bet. If you’re interested in cooking but don’t want to begin by working in a food establishment, many cooking schools offer summer certification programs.

The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts: Located just North of Porter Square, the Cambridge School offers a Culinary Certificate Program that runs between May and August. They also offer shorter series and one-off classes.

Rome Sustainable Food Project: The RSFP is at once a production and teaching kitchen whose daily success relies strongly upon a team of interns and visiting cooks. Living and training  in Rome for a period of three to six months, interns learn alongside an American and Italian kitchen staff to cook for the Academy community.

America’s Test Kitchen: Internships in Social Media, Editorial, Production, Test Kitchen

Scholar’s Grant: Culinary Historians of New York

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