The Food Literacy Project (at Harvard University Dining Services) cultivates an understanding of food from the ground up. Education focuses on four integrated areas of food and society: agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and community. The project goal is to promote enduring knowledge, enabling consumers to make informed food choices. We work to provide basic knowledge and deepen pre-existing knowledge.


The Food Literacy Project strives to have Harvard students leave campus well-equipped to grocery shop knowledgeably, identify fruits and vegetables, master cooking basics, and lead a healthy & sustainable life. Primarily, we do this work through film series, cooking classes, tours, and conversations, open to the Harvard and the surrounding community.

If you’re a student at Harvard College, get in contact with your House FLP Rep. (See list of FLP Reps by house here.)

If you are interested in receiving a weekly email with information about the food world around Harvard and Cambridge, contact foodliteracy@harvard.edu with the subject line “FLP Newsletter.”  For more information about the Food Literacy Project and how you can get involved, contact: FLP Coordinator at 617-495-8052.

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