Majoring in food

While there is no food major at Harvard, below is a growing list of undergraduate theses that address issues of food, society, and culture.

Sweet as Honey: The Beekeeper’s Fight Against Corn Sugar and Objectivity                  Teagan Lehrmann, 2013, History of Science

From the Ground Up: The Rhizomatic Development of the Local Food Movement    Caitlin Lewis, 2013, Social Studies

Rebuilding the Himdag: The Fall and Rise of Tohono O’Odham Agriculture and Foodways                                                                                                                               Rebecca Cohen, 2012, History and Literature

A Cup and A Half of Health: This History of Flour Enrichment in the United States 1910-1955                                                                                                                                               Maya Pena, 2012, History

Tastes Like Chicken: A History of Making and Eating Meat in America                                 Emelyn Rude, 2012, Social Studies

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