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Amit, Yitzhak. Hot pepper plant. Judaica Division, Widener Library.  

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Corn in a changing climate

The Harvard Gazette published an article today detailing the role of corn in a changing climate. Click here to read more.

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Winter Fruits and Vegetables

Between Slow Food and locavore movements, the USA is gradually become more aware of the benefits of eating locally and in-season. But as the winter is quickly approaching, it can be more and more difficult to continue to eat in season, … Continue reading

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Military Rations

In honor of Veteran’s Day, this post will contain a brief history of military rations, from WWII to 2012. During WWI, soldiers who did not have access to a mess hall carried around a Reserve Ration, which consisted of a one-pound … Continue reading

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Protein and Propaganda: Much To-Do About a Simple Part of Food

Wilbur Olin Atwater was perhaps the best PR agent ever. But Atwater didn’t represent a person, instead, he rep’d protein. As a 19th century chemist, he worked extensively on developing principles in human nutrition  particularly on matters that concerned the calories. … Continue reading

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