Summer FLP: Greenhouses



This summer, Landscape Services and the Harvard Community Garden built two greenhouses at the garden.

The plans, selected by a group at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, were intended to be an easy and replicable model, to serve as possible inspiration for those with backyard space and an interest in building greenhouses.

You can find the plans for the greenhouses hereWe discovered that the plans do require some machinery (at least a circular saw, power drill, staple gun). Landscape Services also laid a foundation for us, to ensure that the greenhouse would stay fixed in the ground.

We worked with the Harvard University Disability Services to ensure that one of the greenhouses was fully accessible. Below are our modifications to the basic greenhouse design to ensure accessibility:

  • removed the 2” X 4” at the entrance of the greenhouse to ensure that there was no lip
  • accessible door technology so door can be opened with a closed fist
  • garden table heights 28”-34”, with a clearance of 19” below
  • pathways of at least 36” at entrance
  • a turning circle for wheelchairs of 60”

Most of the modifications were very slight and completely worth the time and effort to ensure that the greenhouses are accessible to all.

The result is two greenhouses, one fully accessible, that will allow the garden to extend the growing season and intensify the peak growing season.

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