Summer FLP: Skillshares at the Farmers’ Market at Harvard

Best Bees at Farmers' Market at HarvardAn observation frame from Best Bees visits the Farmers’ Market at Harvard, 8/16.

This was the first season of skillshares at the Farmers’ Market at Harvard. Below is a partial list of the skillshares offered at the market.

  • BU Advocates for Literacy in Environmental Sciences: The Effect of Till Agriculture
  • Helen Snively and the Harvard Community Gardeners: Bins, Worms, and Tea – Three Ways to Compost
  • Cape Ann Fresh Catch: How to Fillet a Fish
  • Stephanie Zabel and Dr. Jennifer Zartarian: Common Herbs & Their Medicinal Uses
  • Florrie Wescoat and Aline Newton: Harvard Yard Tree Walk, Knowing the Trees of Cambridge
  • David Craft: Foraging for Wild Edible Plants around Boston
  • Anne Zielinski: Fundamentals of Canning with the League of Urban Canners
  • Kelly Allin: Beekeeping Basics with Best Bees
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