Top Bar Weekend Intensive Resources


Le Charivari, A Gentleman Who Wanted to Study at Close Range the Very Interesting Habits of Bees, 1845. Fogg Museum, Harvard.  


Christy Hemenway, the instructor who taught this past weekend’s Top Bar Beekeeping Weekend Intensive, has graciously allowed us to put her slides online. We’ve included them below. Christy and her company, Gold Star Honeybees, are based out of Bath, ME, and her website  includes more information on top bar and top bar kits for those who are ready to take the plunge. Thanks, Christy and the Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers.


1 How did we get here from there 2012

2 Basic Bee Biology 2012

2.5 Top Bar Beekeeping Swarms

3 Terrible Things that can happen to your Wonderful Bees

4 Taking your hive through the year

5 Tools and gadgets

One last thing — when studying bees, be careful. (See above)

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