Beekeeping Intensive


Portrait of Radcliffe President Mary Bunting, 1965, Radcliffe Archives

Exciting news — the new group Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers just held a weekend intensive with Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honeybees. A little more than three years after the initial proposal was submitted, the Harvard University Beekeepers are finally preparing their hives. They are planning a top bar (purchased this weekend, complete with a beautiful observation window) and a langstroth hive. This weekend, 20 students were trained in beekeeping in anticipation of upcoming years of beekeeping at the College.

With Colony Collapse Disorder rampant and causes still uncertain, it is more important than ever that more take up beekeeping to learn from bees. Universities have contributed to research on Colony Collapse Disorder (as with work from HSPH’s Alex Lu and his team in 2012, that strengthened the connection between pesticides and CCD), but there is also a real power in universities supporting bees through the practice of collaborative beekeeping.

P1020610Li Murphy ’15, co-founder of Harvard University Beekeepers, holding demo comb from a top bar beehive


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3 Responses to Beekeeping Intensive

  1. This is pretty cool. At my college, we don’t have anything about raising bees but I did know someone who started an online blog about the subject. I’ve been really interested in learning more about it ever since!

  2. Lauren says:

    Love the old and new photos ~ very cool to see at the college level. Hands-on learning that makes the world a better place beats any other learning 🙂

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