FLP5: foodie websites of 2012

This is the fifth in FLP top 5 for 2012 series.

granola bars

Image from Smitten Kitchen

1.  Foodgawker – www.foodgawker.com &  Tastespotting – www.tastespotting.com Pure visual stimulation — ton of gorgeous photos of food; click on one and it’ll take you to the recipe and blog that originally posted it.  The two websites are very similar and there’s a crossover, so I’ve lumped them together.

2.  Smitten Kitchen – www.smittenkitchen.com Beautiful step-by-step pictures, unique savory and sweet recipes, and a sincere writing style. Plus, Deb released a cookbook of mostly-new recipes this year if you prefer hard copy format.

3.  Joy the Baker – www.joythebaker.com For baking enthusiasts, this is a site not to miss for your next baking project.  Lovely images and a lot of personality.

4.  David Lebovitz — www.davidlebovitz.com An expat living in Paris, Lebovitz’s blog chronicles his food journeys, discoveries, and experiences in France and around the globe.  He’s an incredible writer, which makes for a fun blog.  He has a book as well called The Sweet Life in Paris that I highly recommend (especially if you’re in Paris!).

5.  Running with Tweezers – www.runningwithtweezers.com Huge pretty pictures and recipes posted by a food stylist, with a simple and clean website layout.

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