FLP5: Top recipes at home this holiday

This is the fourth in FLP’s top 5 for 2012 series.

red peppers two

1. Roasted red pepper soup shots. Delicious both warm and cold; serve in shot glasses or even tea cups for a quaint finish.

2. Thai green papaya salad. Dazzle the crowd this holiday with one of Thailand’s most treasured dishes. The papaya, lime, chilis, and fresh coriander will make it blend right in with the festive colors.

3. Beef wellington. After serving an array of light and tasty appetizers, go for the spectacular in this British favorite. Gordon Ramsay shows you how its done in a lighter rendition.

4. Speculoos buttons. An amazing biscuit made traditionally in Belgium, Holland and France around December. The cookie is made for St. Nicholas’ feast in the Netherlands and Belgium (around Dec 5) and for Christmas in Germany. Traditional speculoos have patterns; speculoos buttons don’t have any image stamped on them. You’d be cheating yourself not to try some.

5. Eggnog from scratch. Why buy something that you can make yourself? Eggnog is a traditional festive drink in the United States and Canada, although the drink likely originated in England. Alton Brown gives his take.

There are many more holiday recipes that we didn’t have the time to highlight. Melomakarona, panforte, latkes…Beyond these five holiday recipes, vacation is a nice time to cook through cookbooks. How to Cook Everything (Mark Bittman) and The Joy of Cooking (Irma Rombauer) are good places to start.

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