FLP5: nutrition tips for the holidays

This is the third in the Food Literacy Project Top 5 for 2012 series.

holiday cookies

1. Bring Your Own Dish. Will you be attending a holiday get together? Offer to bring a dish, and then choose to make a healthier holiday option like a low-calorie dessert or a veggie tray

2. Use an App. If you are concerned about calories or eating a balanced diet, try downloading an application onto your smart phone, or using one on the internet, to keep track of your consumption. To start, try Fooducate, an app that provides a nutritional analysis of food with a barcode scan.

3. Indulge a little. Both sweet and savory foods abound during the holidays, and we all enjoy our favorite treats. Consciously indulge your cravings for your favorite foods! It’s the holidays, so enjoy!

4. Exercise. Whether your exercise regularly or not, your waistline and long-term health will thank you for choosing to during the holiday season. If you’re going somewhere cold for the holidays, try ice skating or skiing. If you’ll be somewhere warm, take a walk to enjoy all of the familiar (or unfamiliar) sights and sounds of your destination.

5. Don’t forget about the drinks. Drinks—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—have all sorts of empty calories. Whether is hot chocolate or cab merlot, make sure to keep track of your drink consumption, and alternate with water.

Interested in the psychology behind eating? Look into Cornell Food and Brand Lab, a research facility that focuses on why people consume in the quantities that they do.

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