What’s in my food?

This November, Cabot House hosted a dinner conversation with senior common room member, Laurent Adamowicz, founder of the developing app, Bon’App.  We framed the conversation with basic questions: how is Bon’App different from other calorie counters out there and does an app with a focus on calories and macronutrients really encourage healthy eating?

bon 'appScreen shot from the Bon ‘App calorie counter

While the homepage of the app states that it is a calorie counter, students learned through the dinner event that Bon’App is more than just a handy tool to understand the calories in your food.

It all began when Adamowicz was working as the Chairman and CEO of Fauchon, a leading Paris-based luxury food company.  As Fauchon grew to reach over 30 countries, Adamowicz became increasingly interested in where his food was coming from.  What he didn’t expect learning was the importance of understanding where the food that your food eats, comes from (i.e. fish eating pellets made out of veal carcases doesn’t sound too pleasant…).  So while Bon’App appears to be a calorie counter on the surface, Adamowicz hopes that one day, consumers will develop an interest in learning the sources of their food including what that food has been fed itself.

In fact, Adamowicz hopes that in the future, he can develop high-tech food sniffing phones that can organize organic gases and other chemical signatures in food.

Look out for Adamowicz’s TED TALK on http://www.ted.com/talks!

-Ellie, Cabot House FLP rep

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