Daylighting Research: Food and Design


From Pasta by Design

What’s the intersection between food and design? The Loeb Design Library at the Harvard Graduate School of Design has pulled a number of titles on the intersection of food and design for their rotating exhibition series, “Daylighting Research.”

The Schlesinger Library contains Harvard’s most famous collection around food (the papers of Julia Child, MFK Fisher, and Elizabeth David and 15,000 other items in their culinary collection), but the Loeb collection contains works on food subjects more diverse than cookbooks: planning for markets and municipal gardens, kitchen architecture, food and the city.

The GSD library timed the exhibit to align with the lecture by Pierre Herme on “The Architecture of Taste.”

Here are ten highlights from the exhibit, linked to the Harvard library call numbers:

Hagen, Petra. The Architect, The Cook, and Good Taste

Horwitz, Jamie. Eating Architecture

Kinchen, Juliet. Counter Space

Peyton, Jane. Fabulous Food Shops

Eat This!

Pilloton, Emily. Design Revolution: 100 products that empower people

Above the pavement – the farm!: architecture and agriculture at P.F. 1

Liaropoulos-Legendre, George. Pasta by Design

Campos, Christian. New Supermarket Design

frankfurt kitchenblog

Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky’s Frankfurt Kitchen (1930), from Counter Space

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