Big Food


In early September, the Wall Street Journal organized a debate between Professor Marion Nestle (NYU), Professor Brian Wansink (Cornell) and Michael Tanner (senior fellow at the Cato Institute).

Their charge? Decide what role government should play in the obesity epidemic.

The Wall Street Journal covers their responses.  

Then, just a few days ago, Kelly Brownell from the Yale Rudd Center squared off against Derek Yak, former WHO and PepsiCo executive on the proposition:

There is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the food and beverage industry’s interests and public health policy interests on obesity. 

NPR covers the debate. 

Finally, on the subject of the role of government & industry in the obesity epidemic, here’s an interview with Kelly Brownell where he touches on many of the points that he makes in the 2009 report, The Perils of ignoring history: Big Tobacoo played dirty and millions died. How similar is Big Food?

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