Winter Fruits and Vegetables

Between Slow Food and locavore movements, the USA is gradually become more aware of the benefits of eating locally and in-season. But as the winter is quickly approaching, it can be more and more difficult to continue to eat in season, especially when you don’t know what your options are. In the winter, much of the land in the USA lies dormant because of harsh weather. Nevertheless, some crops prevail! See the list below for some late fall and winter options here in the Northeast.



Northeast Late Fall/Winter Produce

  • Beets, June through December
  • Broccoli, June through November
  • Broccoli Raab, August through November
  • Brussel Sprouts, September through November
  • Cauliflower, August through November
  • Celery Root, September through November
  • Cauliflower, August through November
  • Cranberries, October through December
  • Fennel, October and November
  • Kale, June through November
  • Leeks, August through December
  • Parsley, May through November
  • Parsnips, April and May and again October through December
  • Potatoes, July through December (available from storage year-round)
  • Pumpkins, September through November
  • Rutabagas, August through November
  • Shelling Beans, September through November
  • Turnips, August through November (local harvest available from storage through the winter)
  • Winter Squash, August through December

Other areas of the USA, such as California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, and Washington, have more robust growing seasons, extending through the winter and continuing year-round. Click here for a laundry list of produce available, listed by state.

By Taylor Reiter (Dunster House FLP)

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