Protein and Propaganda: Much To-Do About a Simple Part of Food

Wilbur Olin Atwater was perhaps the best PR agent ever. But Atwater didn’t represent a person, instead, he rep’d protein. As a 19th century chemist, he worked extensively on developing principles in human nutrition  particularly on matters that concerned the calories. He worked with the three things that fuel our bodies: Fats, Carbohydrates, and Protein…and protein was his clear favorite. Largely because of his publications, protein is known as an essential component of an efficient diet. Though Atwater laid the ground work for Protein’s popularity, America’s advertising corporations have since taken over the illustrious job of popularizing the consumption of protein. From meat to grains, dairy to canned goods and everything in between, protein has had more than its fair share of face time.


So America wants us to eat protein…and protein of a certain kind. But with so many advertisements, and so much focus on the different sorts of protein available for consumption, it can be difficult to sort out what to eat, and how much of it. The tables below can be used as helpful guides to sift through the myriad different ads floating around about protein.




 By Taylor Reiter (Dunster House FLP Rep)

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