Food Graduates

I just came across this article about a Harvard Law School graduate who has published a cookbook on preparations of foraged foods.

This year, Tama Matsuoka Wong published a cookbook with the chef de cuisine of Daniel, Eddy Leroux, called Foraged Flavor: Finding Fabulous Ingredients in Your Backyard or Farmers’ Market.

On her interest in foraging, the article writes, “Though [Tama] tried her hand at double-digging and staking tomatoes, she was more intrigued by what was growing around her without the help of any human hand.”

So Ms. Wong explored her backyard, an abandoned pasture, and took classes at a Wildflower Preserve. She’s begun a website, Meadows + More, that offers tips and resources on establishing and understanding meadows. After the boom of books on backyard (and 5-gallon…and window-box…and front yard) gardening, the website’s attention to the productive aspects of meadows is a welcome shift. There’s no specific watering calendar and Ms. Wong suggests keeping plants at least 5 ” high. It’s a pretty hands-off way to end up with dinner.

(Photo from Meadows + More)

The website also provides a foraging calendar, updated quarterly. With foraging especially, timing is everything; plants that may be tough or inedible at full maturity are often tender and tasty when young.

Earlier this spring, the Food Literacy Project had Chef Didi Emmons come to prepare a delicious spring salad of quinoa, sorrel, chives, and mint. Didi talked to students about Eva Sommaripa’s farm and the value of wild edibles. Many of the students who came by were impressed by the tangy taste of sorrel. The herbs and wild edibles that Didi and Tama really are worth trying.  To more meadows!

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One Response to Food Graduates

  1. sansai says:

    Somehow I came across your great article. Would love to meet, and maybe do a talk, as an HLS alumni…will be passing through in the next week or so on the way up to our place in Nova Scotia..

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