Barton Seaver on barramundi

Last week, Chef Barton Seaver visited Harvard University Dining Services and the Food Literacy Project to give a lunchtime talk and afternoon cooking class on sustainable seafood. At the lunchtime talk, we ate dishes from his cookbook, For Cod and Country. At the afternoon cooking class, we learned how to shuck an oyster, slow bake a fish, make an anchovy vinaigrette, and slow cook barramundi.

What’s barramundi?

Barramundi is a freshwater fish, native to Australia. A company called Australis has started farming it sustainably in Western Mass. Barramundi was a new fish for most of us at the cooking class — and that was part of the point. Barton advises using substitutes for popular fishes that are often at risk for over-fishing; in this case, barramundi is a great replacement for red snapper.

Barramundi can be brushed with oil and broiled on a baking sheet; here, Barton cooked the barramundi in a skillet pan with lots of olive oil.

The fish was cooked over low heat, with the oil just bubbling. The fish was flipped over once…

…and once the fish was flaky and gave to the touch, it was done.

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One Response to Barton Seaver on barramundi

  1. Karen says:

    Hope to see barramundi at the markets in New Hampshire.

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