Superfoods: Good for your Health, Good for your Brain


Last Thursday FLP put on a Superfoods Tasting event in Lowell. Superfoods are natural (unprocessed) foods that are either high in phytochemical content or has high concentrations of essential nutrients with few negative properties (such as artificial ingredients or food additives). 

My interest in Superfoods began as I began studying the medicinal properties of food in its natural form. I love knowing about the different vitamins, minerals, and other factors we can get from our diet that can contribute not only to a healthy body, but a clear and energetic mind even.

I was happy to find that a lot of students were interested in superfoods and eating healthier in general. All of the five superfoods I covered are not found in the dining hall, but here is a description of them, as well as some interesting facts about them if you are interested in trying them out:

* Coconut Water: The clear liquid inside a young coconut, coconut water is a delicious way to get electrolytes without the excess sugar or unnatural flavors of sports drinks (delicious on its own)

* Roobios Tea: An herbal tea made from the African Red Bush that helps with nervousness, headaches and insomnia, as well as relives stomach pain (just brew with hot water)

* Chia Seed: An edible seed from the desert plant salvia packed with omega-3 and antioxidants (try it on oatmeal)

* Spirulina: A type of blue-green algea that helps with immunity support and a high level of protein (delicious in smoothies)

* Cacao Nibs: The seeds of the fruit that creates chocolate, it functions as a natural mood elevator and helps to reduce bad cholesterol (great as a snack on its own)


Of course, you can still get a wide array of delicious superfoods from HUDS. Here’s some superfoods you can try in the dining hall:

* Nutritional Yeast: A yeast food supplement grown on molasses, it is a complete protein packed with plenty of B-Vitamins (sprinkle some of pasta)

* Flaxseed: The either yellow or brown seed from the fibrous flax plant, it helps reduce total cholesterol, fights heart disease with omega-3’s, and help boosts immunity (add to cereal or oatmeal)

* Blueberries: A favorite (and HUDS locally grown) fruit, blueberries offer virtually no fat while packed with magnesium, vitamin C, and antioxidants


~Natalie (Lowell FLP Rep)

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