Food Justice and Food Policy Opportunities

Center for Science in the Public Interest: Summer internships in Nutrition and Food Safety

Community Food Security Coalition: Offers a good list of food organizations, organized by topic.

Food and Water Watch: Offers plenty of internships in Washington, DC, such as Summer Research and Policy Internship, Summer Development Internship.

Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy

 The Food Project

Food Research and Action Center (FRAC): Offers a variety of internships throughout the year. Intern tasks have included working with FRAC’s state and local grassroots network, engaging in research and information analysis, working with Congressional policymakers, attending Congressional hearings, assisting in the production and release of FRAC’s special reports, and assisting with the organization’s fundraising and development activities.

Growing Power

Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic Career Guide: tailored to those interested in employment in food policy path

The Food Trust: The Food Trust engages bright, motivated and talented individuals in accomplishing our organization mission of building strong communities through healthy food. Internships include Fresh Food Access Intern, Farm to School Intern, and Development Intern.

International Food Policy and Research Institute: IFPRI has internships, many of them with self-defined scopes, in the general areas of Food Consumption and Nutrition, Markets, Trade and Institutions, Environment and Production Technology, Capacity Strengthening, Development Strategy and Governance.

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Just Food

Oakland Institute

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

School Nutrition Association Designed to provide interns with opportunities necessary to pursue a district-level supervisory position in school nutrition.

 Wholesome Wave Wholesome Wave programs work to improve the accessibility and affordability of healthful, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity Offers summer internships in food marketing, communications, school and childcare projects, and WIC evaluation.


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