It’s true, the Science and Cooking lectures have concluded for the year. (Missed them? Watch them here.) But Harvard is offering plenty more food courses this Spring semester. (Although if you’re looking for another course that covers sous-vide cooking and foams, you may be fresh out of luck.)

Using Harvard’s spiffy new course catalog, the Food Literacy Project combed the departments and schools at Harvard to assemble a list of courses relevant to food. In the Spring semester alone, the list spans seven undergraduate concentrations, with two Gen Ed. classes and a freshman seminar to boot. Throughout the University, we’ve found courses on food at the Law School, the Kennedy School, Harvard Extension, and the School of Public Health.

Some highlights for the Spring semester:

+ a Human and Evolutionary Biology course, “Evolution and Adaptation of the Human Diet,” co-taught by Richard Wrangham (author of “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human.”)

+ a course at the Harvard School of Public Health, “Global Environment Change and Food Production,” on the impact of climate change on world food production

+ a Women and Gender Studies course, “American Social Bodies,” that examines dieting, fitness, and body image

Take a look at the full list of food courses here.

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