Sweet as Honey: Lowell FLP Honey-Tasting

Ever wonder about the story behind one of nature’s most prolific sweeteners? Lowellians were able to find out earlier this month with the Lowell FLP Honey-Tasting Event.
Lowellians got a sampling for four different honeys: some local, some inte
rnational, one made from killer bees, and one an actual honey comb (yes, you can even eat the wax!).
A few things that were discussed was the amazing healing properties of honey. Raw honey (local honey specifically) is a great cure for seasonal allergies.
Have a cut with no first aid in sight? Apply a dab of honey to it–honey has antimicrobial properties which means it inhibits the growth bacteria, fungi, and protozoans. In fact, honey has a history of being used during the World Wars to prevent infections of topical wounds.
And if you’re looking to add some sweetener to your drink, skip the cane sugar and go for the more natural honey. Honey has a lower Glycemic Index which means that there is a slower infusion of honey into the blood stream and, thus, leads to healthier digestion. Not to mention that honey is much sweeter than cane sugar so overall you can use less.
All-in-all the event was a delicious success–and the Lowell House favorite? The organic Hawaiian honey, smooth and delicate, not too sticky, floral and a light sweetness (perfect for your afternoon tea!).
If you’d like to sample some honeys yourself, or get a jar of local honey on tap, check out Follow the Honey on Mass Ave (1132 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Mass, 02138).
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