FLP Events: Freshman Pasta Making Event

Last Sunday, Freshman Yard FLP Rep Ellie Lin hosted a 12 person pasta making event. The group gathered in Thayer Common Room, where Ellie taught the students how to make pasta.

Each group started with 2 cups of flour and 3 eggs. Then, they made the pasta from scratch by creating a flour mound with a large well in the center, cracking the eggs into the well, and slowly
incorporating the flour to make a dough ball.

Ellie then used the dough to demonstrate how to make four different types of pasta: ravioli, fettuccine, orechiette, and farfalle. After they made all the varieties, the group boiled and ate the Italian delicacy with four different types of sauces.

All in all, the event was a huge success. Students enjoyed learning more about pasta, a popular delicacy that many know so little about, and some attendees went so far as to say they would never eat packaged pasta again!

Want to get involved in a similar event? Keep an eye out for emails from your house FLP reps!

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