375 Years of Food at Harvard: Griddled Potatoes

Back to Basics: Griddled Potatoes
No state is more associated with the potato that Idaho. And it was in 1836 that Henry Harmon Spalding planted the first potatoes in the state as crop for his Christian mission.
Up until the 1850’s, however, many Americans considered potatoes as a crop intended for animal consumption alone, properly planting them near hog pens.
It wasn’t until 1872 that America’s most well known potato—and the potato featured here—the Russet Burbank potato, was developed by American horticulturist Luther Burbank as an attempt to find a more disease-resistant variety.
In 1898, griddled Russet potatoes found their way onto Harvard College’s dining hall menu, offering a crispy, yet tender side dish to all students: a true meat and potatoes meal. 

-Natalie Padilla ’12
Photo by depth

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