375 Years of Food at Harvard: Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a mild and sweet variant of the cabbage family, which includes everything from red cabbage, to bok choy, to cauliflower. Indeed there is evidence of the domestication of cabbage as far back as 4000 BCE in China. Today heralded for its plentiful vitamins and low price, cabbage has a rich history. It was a favorite food of Confucius, a ward against intoxication in Ancient Rome, and a medical remedy for sick soldiers on Captain Cook’s voyage. In the North East, cabbage is the namesake of “Cabbage Night,” a holiday popular in the 1970s held on the night before Halloween, when children throw food (including cabbage) at local homes. Buttered Savoy Cabbage was common fare in the Harvard kitchens in the early 20th century.
Sarah Rose Cass, Freshmen Annenberg dining hall
Photo:  Some rights reserved by Nick Saltmarsh
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