Eating at Harvard: 375 Years Worth of Food

1940 menu from Eliot House- from Harvard Archives

Harvard is celebrating its 375th anniversary this year and is having a killer birthday party on Friday to celebrate. HUDS has gotten into the spirit and Chef Martin Breslin created a menu based on foods that Harvard has served throughout the decades. Martin recruited some of Harvard’s best and brightest students to research the menu items- stay tuned for their research.

But on to Friday’s “Bill of Fare”

Beef consommé                                               
Corn Chowder                                                 
A Grand Sallat                                                 
Herbs , capers, dates, raisins of the sun, figs, eggs.
The second book of cookery and carving 1638
Roast leg of Lamb with mint jelly                       
Chicken pie                                                       
Welsh rarebit                                                 
Buttered Savoy cabbage                        
Griddled potatoes ‘1899’                       
English peas                                                     
The root cellar                                               
Turnips, carrots, parsnips, beets, Hubbard squash, onions
Corn Bread                                  
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