It’s the Season for Apple Picking

Photo by Gregory B. Johnston

From the Crimson FlyBy:

For some, picking apples from a tree as opposed to off a shelf in a dining hall might equate to unnecessary expenditures of energy. After limited sleep and seemingly endless amounts of reading, this view is, on the one hand, understandable. On the other hand, this means missing out on one of the season’s quintessential experiences.

A contingent of freshmen recently experienced the joys of plucking nature’s bounty from its boughs when they went to Carver Hill Orchards in Stow, MA on a trip co-sponsored by the Freshmen Deans Office and the Food Literacy Project (FLP). The program gave these students the chance to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon among the green, red, and yellow hues of Autumn’s advance. Even if fresh-from-the-tree apples aren’t your thing, the plethora of other options from donuts to warm cider to homemade ice cream are bound to keep your stomach satisfied!

So, how can you experience the bountiful harvest for yourself? Whether it’s apple picking, pumpkin picking, or just picking yourself out of Harvard Square for a bit, there are plenty of farms in the area that are worth checking out: Lanni Orchards, E.L. Silvia Farm, Wilson Farm, and Cider Hill Farm are just a few.

But maybe you’ve already stocked up on all of the Cortlands, Ginger Golds, and Red Delicious varieties that your dorm room can possibly handle. Then get a group of friends together and plan a visit to Honey Pot Hill Orchards which is located less than an hour away and is a great place to pick some pears and add variety to your fruit selection.

If you find yourself buried under a mountain of reading and unfinished p-sets and just can’t fit a trip to the orchard into your busy schedule—The Farmers’ Market can come to you. Run by the FLP, the Farmers’ Market will be coming to campus every Tuesday through October 25 and is a convenient, one-stop-shop for a variety of delicious fruits, vegetables, sweet treats, and much more. Whatever strikes your fancy, happy picking, shopping, and eating this season!

By Ishani D. Premaratne

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