Senior Week Events

Don’t go out into the real world without honing your cooking skills and cheese knowledge. The Food Literacy Project is pleased to present a week of food fun. For seniors only.
Rice Dishes 101
Worried about cooking for yourself?
Not sure where you’re going to find money to eat well?
Come learn how to make delicious, cheap rice-based dishes for yourself!
Fried rice the easy and hard way, rice and beans, and Mexican pizza!
Monday 2-4:30 in Eliot Kitchen.
Space is Limited! RSVP to
Easy Dinners
Want to be able to host guests easily and cheaply?
Interested in quick dinners when you get back from work?
Come learn how to plan a dinner party!
Learn to make vegan and non-vegan black bean burgers and mashed potatoes!
Feed yourself for a week but only cook one night!
Tuesday 2-4:30 in Eliot Kitchen
Space is Limited! RSVP to
Formaggio Kitchen Cheese Cave Tour
Tour Formaggio Kitchen’s legendary cheese cave (they are the first of their kind in America) with the owner, Ihsan!
Tuesday, 2:30-4pm, meet in the Quad
Note- this is full.
Sushi 101
Learn to make vegetarian sushi- it’s easy, fun, nutritious, and delicious.
Tuesday, 1:30-2:30pm
Currier Dining Hall
No RSVP necessary.
Pizza Making
Love Pizza?
Want to make it yourself?
Come make and eat delicious pizza in three different ways!
Wednesday 2-4:30 in Eliot Kitchen.
Space is Limited! RSVP to
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