Harvard Top Chef To Begin This Week

From the Crimson FlyBy blog:

Ever had dreams of competing in a culinary competition? Or do you just have a knack for cooking and want to show off your skills? Starting Monday, HUHDS will be hosting its annual Top Chef competition.

During the competition, each upperclassman House will hold a cook-off for the title of their Houses’ top chef, and freshmen will compete in Annenberg for the freshman title. Contestants are allowed one partner and 30 minutes to make an entrée and a dessert using only food that can be found in the dining hall every day. After the first round of preliminary contests, winners from each House and Annenberg will gather in Annenberg on April 13 to compete in the final round. The prize remains “undisclosed” according to Jasmine M. Omeke ’14, one of the Food Literacy Project reps for Annenberg.

Each group will be judged based on taste, creativity, sustainability (utilization of local food, environmentally friendly cooking methods, etc.), and presentation from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.
The judges will consist of chefs and housemasters from throughout the college’s campus.  There will also be special guests including the former Dean of the College, Benedict H. Gross ’71.

Students who wish to participate in the competition should contact their designated FLP rep.
“I really encourage people to participate. It’s not a big time commitment,” said Celia Y. Zhang ’13, the Dunster House rep for FLP. “And who knows? Maybe you’re the next Top Chef, maybe you’ll find your hidden talent.”

Written by Mark Guzman
Photograph by Meredith Keffer

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