New FLP Cookbook Offers Fresh Recipes

The Crimson FlyBy wrote about the FLP cookbook:

Imagine this: you walk into the dining hall, stomach growling, and realize to your dismay that Korean BBQ really has vanished. Instead of reaching for yet another plate of squash, you can now spice up your dining experience thanks to “The FLP Cookbook: A Field Guide to Dining Hall Ingenuity,” which may be the answer to your dining hall blues.
“HUHDS, Harvard University Hospitality and Dining Services, provides so many ingredients,” said Celia Y. Zhang ’13, Dunster House FLP rep.
“You look at the entrees, you look at the sandwich bar, the salad bar, the grill bar—it’s just amazing how many raw materials there are. With so many different choices, the combinations are pretty much limitless,” Zhang said.
Now available in all Harvard dining halls, the colorful hard-cover cookbook features a plethora of recipes for breakfasts, sandwiches, paninis, salads, entrées, sides, snacks, desserts, sauces, and dressings that can all be made with staple ingredients found in the dining halls.
According to Zhang, the cookbook was compiled from a variety of sources, including favorite dining hall recipes from FLP reps, student submissions, and winning concoctions from Harvard’s “Top Chef” competition.
“I definitely encourage people to look through it and find a new favorite dish,” Zhang said. “Be amazed at the amount of creativity you can get out of the dining hall.”

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