FLP Loves Recipes From Home

This FLP representative was surprised the week before Spring Break by Adams Dining Services — HUHDS featured her mom’s beloved recipe for pretzel chicken at lunchtime as a part of its Recipes from Home campaign.

Each year, HUHDS appeals to parents, asking them to submit favorite family recipes. This year, recipes were selected and featured throughout the winter menu season. For example, Adams started presenting Recipes from Home in mid-February and ran them until Spring Break.

Some recipes are so loved that they become a regular feature on the HUHDS menu. The ever-popular red spiced chicken is one such dish. Some of the dishes featured this year include Caribbean Curry Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Shrimp & Grits.

While HUHDS cannot exactly reproduce your beloved favorites, they do a pretty good job of honoring the original flavors! This rep’s mother’s chicken dish was a unique spin on the recipe that was still delicious and reminded her of home. Be sure to tell your parents to submit your favorite dish, either by the postcard they receive over winter break or online here, and maybe one day you’ll stumble in to find a reminder of home in your dining hall!

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