Molten Chocolate Cake Study Break

Wonder why Dunster dining hall was abuzz last Monday night? FLP Representative Celia Zhang planned and executed a “Make Your Own Molten Chocolate Cake.” The delicious cakes were of a healthier variety, made out of organic ingredients and using applesauce as a substitute for the traditional fatty oils or butters.

While one cup of standard vegetable oil has almost 2000 Calories, a substitution of one cup of applesauce only has 102 Calories. The nutritional benefit of this replacement is clear, but does it sacrifice taste? “People were so surprised when they heard applesauce,” said Celia Zhang. “Yet they all said the cake tasted the same, or even better.”

While these molten cakes were served with the unhealthier accompaniments of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, consider replacing oil with applesauce the next time you’re baking! Be sure to keep an eye out for more innovative and healthy FLP study breaks hosted in your house!

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2 Responses to Molten Chocolate Cake Study Break

  1. Celia says:

    I essentially bought organic cake mix from Whole Foods, and instead of using oil, I used applesauce with a one-to-one ratio. For simplicity, I had the attendees simply make a hole in the cupcake and fill it with organic fudge, and then top with ice-cream. If you want a healthier version of fudge, I'd recommend the following recipe, except I couldn't find the ingredients at Whole Foods, so I just went with regular fudge…

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