Spice Up Your Day With HarvardLunch.com

Where do you turn when you’re tired of your normal lunch dates and want to add some spice to your afternoon? Check out HarvardLunch.com for the answer!
Once you navigate to the site, all you have to do is input your name and email address. HarvardLunch randomly pairs up students who are looking to enjoy a fresh face and stimulating conversation over lunch.

Seth Riddley ’12 came up with the idea this past semester, and its popularity has allowed Riddley to expand his concept, which he’s entitled “LunchEdu,” to multiple campuses. Of his site’s popularity, Riddley stated, “The site gets hits in the tens of thousands. To date, HarvardLunch.com has been used by about 750 students. After the site got coverage in the Yale Daily News, I started YaleLunch.com, which has been used by about 350 Yalies.” Soon, Riddley hopes to expand the mission of LunchEdu to University of Pennsylvania pending ratification by the college’s undergraduate assembly.
Did Datamatch fail to give you the spark you were searching for, or are you just looking for a new conversation over today’s menu offering? Consider signing up at HarvardLunch.com today!

Photos courtesy of Flickr.com/paul_lowry
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