Welcome to the HUHDS Blog!

Welcome to the FLP food blog! My name is Celia Zhang, and I am currently one of the reps that the Harvard University Hospitality and Dining Services employ, which include three freshmen Reps, twelve House Reps, a central Rep, and a Divinity School Rep. As FLP Reps, our job is to create events to educate the student body about nutrition, sustainability, agriculture, community, and food prep. Events include chocolate tasting, local farmers’ markets, trips to local farms, sushi making, movie screenings, kitchen tours, cooking competitions, and many more. In the works is a FLP Dining Hall Cookbook (your ultimate solution to dining hall boredom) and more Flyby food videos. This of course, would not happen without the hard of Dara Olmsted, our Food Literacy Project coordinator, and Ted Mayer, Assistant Vice President of HUHDS and the creator of the Food Literacy Project.

Even as FLP reps, we are not experts; merely, we too are learning. The Food Literacy Project, I feel, provides a special venue and many accessible opportunities for furthering our knowledge with food. Along the way, I have made some fun and quirky discoveries, as I have devoured the spiciest wings only to find my eyes burning when I went to take out my contacts the next day, made smoothies out of tofu, baked sweets with applesauce, ground my own peanut butter, and made teeth whitener out of strawberries. Currently, I am on my way to San Francisco to explore one of the greatest food destinations in the world. Whether it is tasting famous sourdough bread at Boudin Bakery, visiting Google’s cafeterias, or discovering why the Chinatown is world famous (I still think it won’t beat my mother’s cooking), I’m excited.

Check back on this blog often for new postings about our food discoveries, adventures, and future events. Stay tuned for future excitement in the world of food. Use this blog as a regular supplemental for a lifelong journey in food. After all, why should we believe the often quoted phrase “eat to live; don’t live to eat”? I say we “live to eat AND eat to live”.

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